MP PET Opening Closing Rank

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Opening Rank OR: The rank of the first student who got admission in any particular branch in a college. It is specific to Branch+College combination.

Closing Rank OR: It is the rank of the last student who got admission. This indicates that not more than this rank, any student may get admission into that particular branch or college. But in practice we take Plus Minus 1000 approx. for both OR and CR.

It is crucial for students to check which colleges they may get before filling up the college preference, because it makes their chances more probable to get admission in some particular college that is possible with their MP PET Rank.

It will help you to learn quickly to search for colleges according to your rank, category, etc.

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    1. Hello Aishwarya,
      Please tell your rank and category. So that we can help you.
      Well, SGSITS Indore (GOVT), JEC Jabalpur(GOVT), IET DAVV(GOVT), RGPV Bhopal(GOVT), MITS gwalior(GOVT), Medicaps (PVT), Vaishnav (PVT) are some renowned institutes.

      You can also look up your rank in ORCR

    1. I just want to know what is UR/ff/f category i just want to know its full form and other abbreviation


  1. SIR my name is RAJ and i m from gerenal category
    i got 99 marks in pet
    and 7539 rank

    in which gud college can i get mech or cs or ec branch

    plz rply soon
    thank u

  2. sir I got 67 marks and 39200 rank.
    my category is general.
    i want mech branch.
    plz suggest me good college.
    thank u sir

  3. sir i got 69 marks in mp pet. my rank is 35223. i belong to UR/FF/F category. i want electrical branch. plz suggest me a govt. college.

  4. sir i get 65 no in pet 2011 from unreserved category,can u suggest me some college of mechanical enngineering in indore

  5. sir i got 57 marks in mppet and my rank is 71000;i belong to unreserved category.plz suggest me some college with mechanical branch

  6. Sir i got 105 marks in pet 2011 with 5426 rank in general category. Can i expect DAVV indore or MITS Gwalior or Vaishnav or Medicaps? Please reply soon sir.

  7. sir i got 85 marks in mp pet but i am from delhi and i do not have domincel can i get admission through counselling??????????????

  8. How good is CS in ITM Gwalior/MIT UJJAIN/ Aurobindo Indore and what if i entered my name and birth date in tfw counslling registration by mistake i am purely ureserved category would i be eligible for non TFW counslling…i am not from TFW


  10. sir mu rank in pept is 1944 $marks 123 general category can i get sgsits indore civil branch under tfw scheme

  11. I have 94 marks in MP PET. My rank is 9308. I’m unreserved category and not a domicile of MP. Can I get CS or IT in LNCT Bhopal. If not in which college i’ll get this

  12. hello sir…
    i m isha shrivastava…
    n my mppet marks in 2011 are 95
    n unreserved category rank is 8908…
    which college will i get…
    plz help me sir…/

  13. sir
    i have 47 marks in PET 2011 my rank is 93886 please suggest me which college is best for CS/ mechnical
    branch .

  14. sir i hav got 75 marks in mppet and i belong to unreserved category. can i get any govt college in EC OR IT if not suggest some good private colleges….
    plzzz do reply….

  15. sir, i have got 59 marks in mp pet and i belong to general or unreserved category. which college i get in bhopal and indore?

  16. sir, i have got 59 marks in mp pet and i belong to general or unreserved category. which college i get in INDORE,AND BHOPAL?

  17. sir, i have got 75 marks in pet and i belong from general category with 24000 rank,can i get any gov. college in cs or EC and pl z suggest me good private colleges.
    plz do reply

  18. sir my pet 2011 marks is 71 can i get admsn in indore DAVV college my sc rank is 1800 and which branch is best for me.

  19. sir I GOT 65 marks in pet.tell me that which colleges& branch i can get in tuition fee waiver sceam in indoer.thanks

  20. sir, i have got 74 marks in pet and i belong from OBC [TFW]category with com. rank 25704 and rank of OBC 6004. can i get any gov. college in IT or EC and pl z suggest me good private colleges in bhopan.
    plz do reply

  21. sir i am in unreserved rank is 243999 gen. can i get top ten private colleges in mppet . i have sainik category and i am frm UP. colleges like LNCT BHOPAL, MEDICAPS ,OIST COLLEGE etc

  22. pet rank is 5300 and my marks are 106 and i want sgsits indore any chances in it branch..what about jec is it a good college nd iet davv..

  23. hi i got 99 in mp pet & my rank in reserved category is 1454 & in unreserved 7598 can i get any govt. college in EC
    plz do reply

  24. Sir i got 106 with 5260 rank in gen n fm categary… Can i expect davv indore for cs branch or which gud govt may i get…

  25. Your website is very useful for us .
    Thank you for providing us with dynamic information s.
    my rank is 35000 and sc category rank is 3000
    I am looking for EC . which colleges of indore should i look for ?

  26. sir mere mppet main 61 marks aye hai. main reserv categari main hun mere cat.rank 5200 hai kya mujhe gove. college main EC BRANCH MIL SAKTI HAI.

  27. sir i got 115 marks in mppet and i am in unreserved category. so which college can i expect.can i will get DAVV INDORE . please reply soon

  28. Sir I got 90 marks in mppet and iam in OBC category. So i get govt. college with mech./elect. branch


  30. Sir,
    My mp pet rank is 29000 in general categoy AND I got 72 marks.
    Please suggest me the colleges I can get on the basis of this rank.
    Please reply.I shall be thankful to you.

  31. sir 1 got 85 marks in mppet and rank 14635 and i belong general category and i want EC branch can i get govt clz rgpv .or any govt clz . and good private clz in bhopal . plz reply soon.

  32. my mppet rank is 7568 i unreserved cat. i want cse &it iam living at gwalior which colledge for me tks.

  33. sir i got 94 marks in pet and rank 9600…and i belong in general category …pls suggest colleges…..i want mec or civil branch can i get govt colleges or good private colleges in bhopal or indore ….pls reply soon

  34. i hv got 88 marks in pet….plz suggest colleges bhopal which i can get n my rank is 12490…plzzzzzzzzzz tell as soon as possible…

  35. sir, maire pet me 75 marks he aur rank 2400 ke aas pass he general category se please btaiye ki mujhe ab kya karna chaiye. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssse.

  36. sir,i got 86 marks in mppet and my rank is 2800,i belong to obc categary ,i want admission in your college in cs branch.please tell me what to do.

  37. my marks for mp pet is 52 in sc category n rank is 8799.plz help for choice filling of colleges for comp,IT n Ec branch

  38. sir my aieee rank AIR 302730 and obc rank is 89970. i have not given mppet. am i eligible for taking admission in ur state college through aieee quota of 5% which belongs to other state candidates… pls reply soon .. thank you

  39. sir, i am gettin 143 marks in mp-pet 2012 ..can you please help me out waht rank i wd get wid dez marks.

  40. Sir, i have got 46 marks in mppet 2012 and 98030 rank in unreserved category and 10217 rank in sc category …pls tell me which colleges can i get ,can i get government colleges???

  41. Sir I got 57marks and my rank is 52806. Can I get Civil Engineering in some good college?
    I hold MP domicile and belong to open category.

  42. i got 68 mark in pet.Unreserved Category Merit No.22716. i want mech branch .which college i can get

  43. sir i got 52 marks in mp pet rank-74761{unreserved rank}.and 22439 in obc reserved category..plz. suggest me some college

  44. i hv got 88 marks in pet and i come in obc category and got 7343 rank in unresr=erved category and 1438 rank in reserved category……………..can i get SGSITS or MITS or SATI GOV. COLLEGES ..with good branch………..
    pls tell me

  45. sir i got 40739 rank in mppet in general category i want to take cs branch. can you suggest me some gov. colledges.

  46. hello,
    my rank in mppet is 10,000. i want to do aerospace engg. can you suggest me some good colleges in mp. or in other states. and 1 more thing. i want to knwo what is better B.Sc or BE.
    as i have deep interest in astrophysics. please suggest me good colleges for Physics too. :)

  47. sir my mppet rank is 9358 in general category
    can i get any govt. college….????
    mech., EC,IT branches preferential

  48. sir i got 77 marks and 13452 rank so which college i can get gov / private. please send me soon im waiting ur answer

  49. sir,i got 53 marks in mp pet and my reserved category rank is 6444, can i get lnct bhopal or oriental bhopal for EC branch..plzz also sugess me..

  50. sir,i got 53 marks in mp pet 2012 and my reserved category rank is 6444, can i get lnct bhopal or oriental bhopal for EC branch..plzz also sugess me..

  51. sir …..i got 65 marks n belong frm sc category n in reerved category merit no. is 1544 n unreserved category merit no. is sir tell me there is any chances to get goverment clg n if yes den where n if no den tell mee name of gud colleges…

  52. i got 84 marks in mppet 2012 and my rank is 8599 . i belong to general category can i get rgpv clg

  53. i got 71 marks in mp pet , rank 81127,and belong to general catagory , can i get any gov. engg. college or any top private college tell me which ?

  54. hello, I get 107 marks and 2448 rank in mppet-2012, which gov. College I get with core branch ,I am from outside mp and in general cotegary.plz suggest me,

  55. sir i got 85 mark nd my rank is 8454 me from general category
    Nd i need cs branch which clg should i get?

  56. My rank- 551 at 129 marks (unreserved,female,general category)
    what colleges can i get(specifically sgsits) if i am non-domicile and what if i m domicile??
    Plz reply sir asap…

  57. dear sir/madam
    i hv got 898 rank in mppet. i want to know that which college is better[jec(jabalpur), or iet-davv(indore)] for mechanical branch…………………………………………………………… plz support ur wise answer with some relevant data………..


  58. sir i got 80 marks in pet wid 11235 rank which college can i get?
    can i get computer sci from LNCT,bhopal and oriental colege of bhopal plz reply soon

    1. No,, No chance…!!

      in generaL category u must have to obtain aTleast a rank higher than 1500 (atLeast)..

  59. Sir,which rank is considered for the admission through MPPET 2012 counselling.MY SC category rank is 10735 and in UR category- by which rank i should view the opening and closing rank of 2011.which colleges i may probably get.Please specify.

  60. plz never take ip or industrial and production engineering in mp pet colleges as it has no scope in india is also a rare branch…if didnt got placed then u will have to roam around for…jobz…………

    1. Its totally wrong. There is scope in IP. It is a specialized branch. Since, its new most people don’t have enough knowledge about it. Most subjects in it are of Mechanical Engineering combined with Management.

  61. i got 65 marks under OBC of PET 2012,can i got admission in BE
    please advise
    Hamant viswakarma
    Purani tehari
    Tikamgarh MP

  62. Sir, I have got 93 marks in MP-PET 2012 .I am UR/x/F . Rank :5564 (overall).Interested in JEC .Which branch canI get ?????????????????????
    Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Reply soon.

    1. sorry gurmit u cant get any of the branch in jec,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dont worru,,,,u can espect ujjain vidhisha and sagar,,,,,,,

  63. sir i got 95 in mp pet rank 4958 should i go for ip in jec or mech in ggits jabalpur./………………

    1. IP is a new and specialized branch, yet MECH is very good option and you should opt it over IP.
      IP is related to production and manufacturing. It has management subjects. Yet core subjects are almost same in both IP and MECH.
      IP in JEC is definitely a better option without a doubt.

  64. sir my rank is 13189 sainik category,do i have any chances of getting oriental/vaishnav/medicaps,ietdavv specifically?? thank you

    1. Depends on your interest. If you like to deal with machines and is amazed by the intricacies of the internal mechanism. You should opt Mechanical. Its a core engg. branch and also known as evergreen branch.
      Electronics on the other hand is absolutely different than Mechanical. If you like to work with internal of electronic devices their circuits then its good for you. In JEC, its not EC its E&TC, i.e. Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.
      Both departments are very good.

  65. i got 114 marks in pet 2012 & 1607 rank {general} can i get iet davv in mech, ET cse branches in general pool first round plz…….reply soon.

  66. hello sir i have got 101 marks and i have gotten sgsits civil but now i wanna sati vidisha.sgsits is my first choise can i take second counselling,what is the process.

    1. Take SGSITS. It is a very good institute. Why do you want SATI Vidisha?
      You will lose the SGSITS seat if you go for second counselling.

  67. Hello, my rank is 11916 in Sc quota and 109887 in Unreserved .. which rank will be applicable in pet and .. do i get any good colleges??? and my Pet marks are 39..pls do suggest some colleges???

  68. sir,
    i got 71 marks in mppet and rank 18000 and i got iist in first round, should i get a better one in 2nd round in indore sir please help me im in big frustation :-(

  69. sir i got 2093 rank in mppet 2012 and i got ec in medicaps but i want davv……. can i get it in 2nd counselling????? plz rply soon……….

    1. do not take this risk. instead there is chance that you may not be able to get good branch in medicaps also. my advice is to avoid this

      1. Due to change in competetive exam patterns only few students are going to take drop this year consequently there will be fewer seats left for 2nd councelling .
        at this rank you should not go for 2nd councelling . there is too much risk &
        everything is going to be unpredictive this year

    2. there is no reason to take risk . you will be compromising your branch in that case .
      getting EC or CS in medicaps is better than getting lower branches in IET davv

    3. no you cant get it even in 2nd councelling this time . due to change in exam pattern (ISEETcoming) ranks are going to be tight even in 2nd councellig. you have not got any bad institute yet. there are many companies coming in indore you just need to have good branch in a decent institute & keep youre grades up in all the 4 years .dont compromise branch . a college hangs with you for 4 years only but branch resides for life time .BEST OF LUCK

  70. hello,
    i got 71 in pet 18377 and upgrade and got iist 1st but i want a better one so suggest me anyone, should i go for second counselling or not ? please answer me immediately.
    thank you

  71. respected,
    i have lost my bhugtant page of MP PEPT so how can i get the addmit card without regestration number.

    1. Sry but vidhya tume sgsits ni milega, meri pet me last year 2500 rank thi tb S.A.T.I college vidisha mila ,so tume v ye mil skta h, but ye clg bhut shandar h

    1. Sry vidhya no chance, last year my rank was 2500 in gen category then i got SATI clg vidisha( so….tume v yhi milega, but this clg is too good as i expect before i came here

  72. sir…..i belonging to OBC class and it appeare to get 115 in MPpet 2013,,,,, Can i get mechanical in Jec Or SGSITS … Or in Davv,,,,?

  73. Sir i am an obc candidate nd is scoring around 111 in mp pet 2013
    can i get sgsits nd if yes possibly which good branch???

    1. sorry you will not get mech of sgsits if you belong to gen. category becaz i myself after scoring 144 marks not able to get it.

  74. sir mere mp pet 2013 me 82 marks aa hai under obc which govt. colleges can get .plz rply fast……….,

    1. Sry but no chance, last year my rank was 2500 in GEN category, then i got SATI college vidisha (govt.engg clg) , so tume v yhi milega , bhut acha clg h , if u know something else then call me
      my no. Is 7898154018

  75. sir mere pet m 72 marks aa rahe h m civil m jana chahti hu mujhe kon sa achha clg mil sakta hai m genral m aati hu reply must

    1. sir,,, i got 13 marks in MPPET 2013 …with rank 100202(general),,,, which government collage will i got ?

  76. Sir, i got 98 marks in mppet 2013. My obc rank is 1543.overall rank is 6813. Can i get jec any branch?

  77. sir i got 113 marks and my rank is 3666 in mppet 2013 , i belong to general category .. can i get jec (cs or it branch)?

    1. Ashita u may get it in jec n if ur luck with u , u might get cs for further u may contact me as im in jec no.7828317181

  78. sir i got 70 mark in mppet and my rank is 22411 belong to unreserved category. plz suggest me some college with electronics and communication eng. or civil branch in govt college.

  79. Sir i got 88 marks in mppet 2013 and 10197 rank
    Which college i can get for electronics and communication branch
    Sir please rlp soon

  80. PET 2013–112Marks
    Overall rank–3699 (General)
    Girls Rank–543 (General)
    Is CS or IT possible in DAVV or MITS???

  81. sir i got 74 marks in mppet my femail category rank is 2704 ..i want gov. collage …kaya mujhe is rank pr koi gov clg mil sakta h ..ha to kon sa plz reply

  82. I get 78 marks in mp pet 2013 nd m in obc unreserved rank is 15989 nd reserved in open is 4053 nd in female is 631. Can i get any govt. College in indore or can i get medicaps college. Plz reply soon sir.

  83. sir
    my name is amit.sir i get 66 mark in mp pet
    over all merit position is 28107
    sir my cast is SC and rank is 1858
    sir i want civil engineering branch in governmant collage
    sir which collage i get?

  84. sir my mppet rank is 2731
    total marks 119
    belong from AGRA UP

    Kaya mujhe SGSITS mai EC Branch mil sakti hai

  85. sir i got 93 marks in mp pet 2013 exam.state rank is 8376 &obc rank is 1943. can i get sgits indore for mech

  86. sir my score in mp pet is 2013 my rank is 38127 and my technical stream rank is 37.which college can i get??????

    1. i think u will get a C grade college…Bt still for any help u can call me…9713653254,9755247360!

  87. sir
    my name is amit.sir i get 66 mark in mp pet
    over all merit position is 28107
    sir my cast is SC and rank is 1858
    sir i want civil engineering branch in governmant collage
    sir which government collage i get?

  88. sir i have got 81 marks and my female category rank is 2100
    also mine overall rank is 13670
    can i get a government college?

    1. Getting a Goverment colg is not possible at this rank,bt still u can get any other gud private college like oriental or lnct,and for any other U can call me..9713653254,9755247360..!!

    1. no its not possible at this rank…But still u can get any better private college in bhopal or in indore…for anyother help call at this no. 9755247360,9713653254.

  89. sir i got 92 marks in mp pet 2013 rank 8724, obc rank 2022 and reserved female rank is 242 which govt. colleges i can get plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply soon,…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Sir, I got 77 marks in mppet and my rank is 16358 in general category. Any chance of getting a good govt. college?

    1. Dera sir,my rank is 16765 and my marks is 77. can i get LNCT(1994) and oriantal(2000) bhopal with CSE branch or civil branch???

  91. sir i got 80 marks in mppet and my female rank is 2203 and overall rank is 14449 .can i get davv or sgits or any other gov college. my jee main marks are 94 but are these marks considered .

  92. sir mera mp pet 2013 ka 61 score hai mai sc Category ka hu mujhe indore mai govt. college mill sakta hai ki nahi please

  93. Sir i got 61 marks in mppet 2013.
    I want mech or civil branch from bhopal.
    Which college can i get??
    And em from general categ. From uttar pradesh
    Plz reply fast..
    Thanx in advance

  94. Sir i got 61 marks in mppet 2013.
    I want mech or civil branch from bhopal.
    Which college can i get??
    And em from general categ. From uttar pradesh
    Plz reply fast..
    Thanx in advance

  95. Sir i got 61 marks in mppet 2013. I want mech or civil branch from bhopal. Which college can i get?? And em from general categ. From uttar pradesh Plz reply fast.. Thanx in advance

  96. Sir i got 61 marks in mppet 2013.
    I want mech or civil branch from bhopal.
    Which college can i get??
    And em from general categ. From uttar pradesh
    Plz reply fast.
    Em already frustrated bcz mera chem sect. Chooth gaya tha
    Thanx in advance

  97. Sir i got 61 marks in mppet 2013.
    I want mech or civil branch from bhopal.
    Which college can i get??
    And em from general categ. From uttar pradesh
    Plz reply fast.
    Em already frustrated bcz mera chem sect. Chooth gaya
    ;-( :-(
    Thanx in advance

  98. sir,i got 66 marks in mp pet n 27417 rank n in female 3980 rank. n i belongs to general category, can u suggest sum gud govt.colleges of bhopal ujjain n indore 4 me????

    1. Hello anuj , i am in sati vidisha , last year my rank was 2500 then i get sati, but your rank is good you can got sati with civil brnch, nd civil branch is clg me sbse shandar h, for more info call me now

  99. Sir, my NIL/OPEN rank is-12044 & my SAINIK/OPEN rank is-165.
    I belongs from jharkhand.
    Cn i get any government college?

  100. sir i have 70 marks nd 22000 rank in mp pet……can i get mech or civil in acrpopolis 1 in normal counselling

  101. Sir,
    I got 71 marks in mp pet. My overall rank is 20841 and under female quota 3070. Can you suggest good collages?

  102. Sir ,
    I got 71 marks in mp pet. My overall rank is 20841 and in female quota 3070. Can you please suggest some good collages. I wished to study ME…

  103. i hv got exactly that college which i expect.
    so admin please update the list of 2012 of all rounds
    it is very help full for beginners.

  104. I got 105 marks in MPPET in UR category.My overall rank is 5118 and in female quota its 758.Can i get admission in govt. college??

  105. sir i got 90 marks and rank 9467 in mppet 2013, my category is uR, can i get admission in sirt bhopal under fee waver scheme….. I want ce branch…..

  106. I got 69 marks and i belong to sc caste and my rank in qota is 1448.can i get any govt. college in m.p.please reply me fast…………………………………………..

  107. i got 16343rank in pet GEN category which college is good for me i want EC branch ?????
    but i am from delhi and i do not have domincel can i get

  108. i’ve scored 80 marks in mppet and i wanna know which college am i gonna get? my reserved rank in OBC category is 3575.

  109. sir, I have got 104 marks in mp-pet 2013 my rank in female quota is 793 which can I get with IT branch?

  110. sir my category is OBC/X/OP

  111. sir i got 122 marks in pet 2013 with overall rank 2324 and in female quota 334 can i get iet davv nd which branch in that .I belong to general category

  112. i got 100 marks in MPPET from general category. My overall rank is 6603 and my rank in female quota is 1001. I got LNCT college in first round of counselling. Can I get any other better college rather than LNCT like DAVV or MITS Gwalior? pls reply m waiting,

  113. i got 15 marks in MPPET 2013… overall rank is 93656 in general category….which govt. collage can i get in this no? :v

  114. sir, I m getting lnct(mech)bhp and ihave upgraded for jec(it) will it b better for me? my marks in mppet2013 is 111 and rank 3913(gen).

  115. i got 110 marks wid a gen rank of 4147.. Due 2 sum reasons i hd nt attempt my 1st cnun. Would i get lnct,bhopal wid MEC or EC branch?

  116. sir i am atul my mppet rank is 4268 in sc category can i get sgsits nd another govt collg in indore please help me hurry nd i miss first counselling can fill second counselling frm

  117. Sir i have got 164 rank in saink kota and m mp domcile can i get any govt collage in mech. Plez reply me as early as possible.


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